GaltalŠkur 2 Cottages and fishing in Iceland
GaltalŠkur 2 Cottages and fishing in Iceland

Angling in Tangavatn

Tangavatn was made by Sveinn Sigurjonsson in 1975.
In GaltalŠkur 2 is a fishfarm and the fish in Tangavatn is brougt up in there before it is released into Tangavatn. This fish is from a famous fishstock.

The accessibility to Tangavatn is very good, only a short walk from GaltalŠkur 2 and you can almost wear slippers during fishing :)

Tangavatn is located in a small dell with the volcano Hekla in sight to the east and in the north you can see B˙rfell so it is the nicest place to let the youngsters enjoy themselves fishing while the adults can relax and enjoy the view.

We welcome you.
Please enjoy your stay at GaltalŠkur 2 and get home safely.

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